Once a person came and stayed with Hadhrat Moulana Gangohi (rahmatullahi alaihi) for a few days. When he was leaving, he mentioned to Hadhrat (rahmatullahi alaihi), “I do not want to deceive you. I am a C.I.D. agent on behalf of the government. I have come to investigate your source of income.” Hadhrat (rahmatullahi alaihi) asked him, “What has this to do with the government?” He answered, “We had information that you have ties with thieves and rogues and this is how you earn your income.” Hadhrat Moulana Gangohi (rahmatullahi alaihi) then asked him, “What was the outcome of your investigation?” He replied, “You do not have any contact with rogues and thieves. In fact if a thief spends some time with you, he will abandon all his evil habits.” Thereafter, Hadhrat (rahmatullahi alaihi) asked him, “How do you think I earn my wealth?” He replied, “Those people who come to you, give you some wealth. You do not accept gifts from anybody and if you do accept then you accept very little.” After a little while, he asked Hadhrat (rahmatullahi alaihi), “Why is it that these people give you money?” Hadhrat (rahmatullahi alaihi) remained completely silent.

After sitting there for a while, the C.I.D. agent took out two rupees from his pocket and gave them to Hadhrat (rahmatullahi alaihi). Hadhrat (rahmatullahi alaihi) smiled and asked him, “And why is it that you are giving this money to me?” He replied, “I just desire to give you two rupees.” Thus, Hadhrat Moulana Gangohi (rahmatullahi alaihi) stated, “I also do not know why you are giving them to me. It is His work and He runs all the affairs (i.e. Allah Ta`ala takes care of everyone’s affairs).”

Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat Vol 2 Pg 337