Imran bin Hattaan was a very ugly man whose wife was extraordinarily beautiful. Once she stared at his face for some time and then expressed gratitude by saying: “Alhamdulillah.” He asked in surprise: “What is all this about?” She replied: “I praised Allah Ta‘ala because I hope that both of us will be ushered in to Jannah.” He said: “On what basis do you say so?” She answered: “Because you are blessed with a wife as beautiful as myself, upon which you are grateful. Likewise I am married to a man like you, upon which I am exercising patience. Allah Ta‘ala has promised Jannah for both – those who are grateful as well as those who adopt patience.” (Tafseerul Kashaaf vol. 1, pg. 560)

Lesson: Happiness is really in contentment. Hence Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) has said: “Verily the true wealth is the wealth of the heart.” A content person focuses on the reality – the Hereafter. As a result, the temporary difficulties of this world do not lead to depression and frustration. By focussing solely on this world, the smallest problem also becomes magnified. By focussing on the Hereafter, major challenges also become small issues.