Shamsuddeen Muhammad bin ‘Abdur Raheem Maqdisi was from amongst the outstanding scholars of the seventh century. Once he and his wife, who was also a pious woman, were digging a piece of land at the foot of a mountain for some need of theirs. As they dug they came across a jar full of gold coins. Immediately he recited “Innaa lillaahi …” and covered the coins. Thereafter he told his wife: “This is a test for us from the side of Allah Ta‘ala. It is possible that someone had buried these coins here.” He further took an oath from her that she would not touch it and would not inform anyone of it.” (Shazaraatuz Zahab, vol. 7, pg. 709)

Lesson: Notwithstanding their poverty, the two left the coins and went away. The fear of Allah Ta‘ala and His love are such qualities that will guide a person at each step of his or her life. Minus these, we will easily formulate a hundred excuses to justify our wrongs and go on making the unlawful into lawful. This should never be the case. A Muslim must never allow his desires to lead him in life.