Politeness, gratitude, and appreciation:

  1. Do not be a person who is demanding and who imposes upon her husband. This leads to serious conflicts. Learn to request politely, rather than demand.
  2. Do not feel shy to compliment your husband. Make him feel important and win him over with kind words. Adopt a cheerful appearance. This will light up the face of even a gloomy husband. On the other hand, nagging will produce the opposite effect.
  3. Your expression of pleasure and appreciation for the ‘little gifts’ he brings for you will be a source of great happiness and pleasure for him.
  1. Ingratitude is a common malady amongst women. Don’t be ungrateful to your husband. Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) once addressing the womenfolk said: “The majority of the inmates of Jahannam will be women because of their cursing in abundance and ingratitude to their husbands” (Bukhari #304).
  2. If you require extra money, ask politely; keeping in mind his financial status. Refrain from making unreasonable and extravagant demands on him. Maintain the household budget within your means. Do not express displeasure when he is unable to fulfill your lavish demands.

Domestic chores:

  1. Keep the home, children, and most importantly yourself neat and tidy when he enters the home. This will enhance his confidence in you. A neglected home could affect his mood adversely.
  2. Try to complete your household chores early and quickly so that you can spend quality time with your husband and children.
  3. Be prepared for him at meal times, as the heat of hunger is very often inflammable. Remember the adage, “A hungry man is an angry man.”