Yunus bin Abdul Aa’laa as-Sadafi (rahimahullah), one of the special students of Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah) says: “I never saw anyone more intelligent than Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah). One day we debated regarding a certain issue and then separated. Thereafter, Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah) met me, held my hand and said: ‘O Abu Moosa! Can we not remain as brothers although we do not agree in even one issue’?” (Siyaru Aa’laamin Nubalaa vol. 10, pg. 16)

Lesson: It is vitally important to understand that having a difference is not an issue. Not handling it correctly is the issue. One of the biggest contributing factors to the widespread dissention is that we feel we cannot maintain a relationship of love once we have a difference or argument. Previously people had great tolerance despite their issues, thereby allowing them to remain united and live together happily. Ponder over the statement of Imaam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah). In essence he is saying that disagreeing in every issue should not affect the cordiality of our relationship.