Air is free. From the day we were born we have been breathing in air. Years have passed and no bill has been sent to us demanding the money we owe for the air we have breathed in.

 Time is also free. No account has been sent to us for the months and minutes we have used. So air is free and time is free. All man did was put air and time together and it became air-time. He then named it MTN, Vodacom, or Cell C, and he charges us for it. We pay for the air-time in this world, and Allah Ta’ala protect us, if it is used for sin then we will have to pay for it much more in the hereafter as well. Our life is not just playing with air-time, rather the air we breathe and the time we have are gifts bestowed upon us to enable us to acquire the eternal air and time of Jannah.