Private Schools

Our life in this temporary abode is for a sublime purpose. It is to recognise our Creator and Sustainer, Allah Ta’ala, and to establish His Deen on earth.

While fulfilling one’s purpose and object of life, one will also need to acquire the necessities of life since this world is a place of means. The earning of a livelihood is thus a necessity for which one requires basic life skills — reading, writing, calculating and all that follows thereafter.

Unfortunately due to forgetting what is the purpose of life, some parents jeopardise their children’s Hereafter in the attempt to acquire the best of this world. This happens especially when parents place their children in schools with a Christian ethos. Some factual incidents highlight the severity of the situation.


A parent enrolled his daughter in a private school with a Christian ethos. The child was admitted into grade 0 and attended the first day of school. At the end of the same day the parent changed his mind and opted to home-school the child. Several weeks later while driving, the father read aloud a sign board on the roadside. One of the words was “Jesus.” As soon as he read the word “Jesus,” his little daughter, in complete childhood innocence, exclaimed: “I know who Jesus is.” “Who is he?” the father asked in surprise. His innocent child, who he had brought up in a Deeni conscious home but who attended a Christian-ethos school for one day in grade 0, replied: “He is Lord”??? She explained that the teacher at school had told her so. While the child did not have the faintest idea of what she was saying, the attempt was made on the first day to plant the seeds of Christianity in the hearts of the children who attended the school.

Another child, in a similar school, one evening at suppertime sat with his palms together in front of his face and his head bowed. When he was asked what he was doing, he remarked, that the teacher told them to say “mass” before meals!!!

These are just two incidents among many. Many Muslim children in such schools are known to sing Christian hymns and attend Carol Services. At times pupils cannot even perform Jumu’ah Salaah.

While there are numerous dangers in even state schools, private schools with a Christian ethos make a direct attack on the Imaan of the children. Children in such schools may progress in the world — but are parents placing them onto a path that leads deep into hell? In many instances, due to the influences at school, children have even made their parents lives a living hell on this earth.

Our object and purpose of life is Deen. Let us not sell it for the paltry world.

Faqihul Ummah: Purpose Of Creation

Allah Ta’ala has not sent the Believer into this world without any purpose. Instead, they have been sent to make an effort to save people from the fire of hell. What a tremendous mission it is to save oneself and others from the torment of hell.

This mission requires that one makes every possible effort in this regard. Day and night should be dedicated for this purpose.

The Qur’an, Hadith, tafseer and other Islamic books are all taught for the same object, that this human being may understand the main purpose of his coming into this world. He was not created to graze animals, engage in farming, build homes, etc. He was only created for Deen. Everything else has been created as a servant for him. All the things of the world are meant to serve him, not to rule over him. Hence one’s farm, homes, buildings, etc. should all be regarded as servants unto one. They should not be allowed to become one’s rulers. The ruler is only Allah Ta’ala.

It is reported in a Hadith “Verily the world has been created for you while you have been created for the hereafter.” The world has been created as your slave. It has been thrown at your feet, you are for Allah Ta’ala alone.

However, when this human being forgets the purpose of his creation, that he is for Allah Ta’ala only, he becomes enslaved by all the things of the world. His farm, business, home all enslave him since he has removed the yoke of the slavery of Allah Ta’ala from his neck. Hence he himself becomes a slave of the creation. He was supposed to have been the slave of Allah Ta’ala, yet now he has become the slave of the shop, the home, the slave of vote and elections, the slave of worldly respect and even the slave of Shaitaan.

Therefore, one should remain the slave of Allah Ta’ala only, the entire creation will serve one.
(Mawaiz Faqihul Ummah — Vol.4)