A tsunami is a large tidal wave which reaches heights of approximately 30 meters and travels at a speed of up to 805 km an hour. They often come in a series of waves called a “wave train”.

Hence the destructive force is greatly increased as every successive wave crashes on the shore.

Tsunamis cause widespread destruction and havoc and seriously affect the lives of thousands of people.

While the tsunamis that come from the ocean cause disaster on earth, there are tsunamis of a different form that crash on the hearts of people. In the terminology of the Qur’an and Sunnah, these tsunamis are called “fitna”. These fitna tsunamis overturn hearts and cause havoc and destruction to people’s Deen and Imaan.


Indeed fitnas are very dangerous and extremely destructive. Allah Ta’ala Himself warns of the severe consequences of fitnas in the following verse: “And fear such a fitna (trial), the consequences of which will not affect only the wrongdoers” (Al-Anfaal : 24). Thus those around the wrongdoers will also be engulfed in the worldly destruction, though they will be saved from any punishment in the Hereafter if they did what was in their capacity to stop the fitna.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) also clearly warned his ummah that there will be such fitnas in the future that even “the one who peeks at it, the fitna will grab him.”

Among the most widespread fitnas of the time is the fitna of the misuse of technology. The greatest manifestation of this fitna is through the cellular phone. Despite its many benefits, perhaps no other device has caused as much harm and destruction as the cellular phone. How many millions of hearts has it engulfed in severe darkness by means of the haraam that it provides at the press of a button? Has not the sanctity of the Musjid been trampled by cellular phones ringing, especially with the sinful musical tones? Has not the serenity of I’tikaaf been severely disrupted by this phone? How many marriages have collapsed and resulted in divorce, primarily due to misuse of the cell phone? How many young and old have become involved in numerous vices through the cell phone? … In numerous hands, the cell phone has become a ticket to Jahannum…. It has become a HELL-PHONE.

Among the various vices committed through the hell-phone, viewing porn and illicit chatting have become a pandemic. Many parents happily give their “young angels” highly advanced phones. “Not my child, he is very responsible,” is the general answer and attitude. May Allah Ta’ala make every child very responsible and a shining example of taqwa. However, there is also something which scientists call the “curiosity factor.” When something “is there”, and especially if it is easily accessible, curiosity propels most people to “just check it out”. Very often the end result of such curiosity is described in the well-known saying —   curiosity killed the cat. Most people who are addicted to this evil initially merely peeked at it out of curiosity. The fitna then grabbed them in its vice-grip.


Consider some of the latest statistics: The average age that most children first see pornographic material is 11. The largest consumers of internet porn are 12 to 17 year olds. There are daily 68 million search engine requests for x-rated material. 37% of internet users viewed unsolicited pornographic material via pop-up adds, mixed links, etc. There are many more heartbreaking and terrifying statistics with regard to the disaster wreaked by the internet, mainly via the hell-phone. Can one be complacent about oneself or one’s children in the middle of such a tsunami?

Due to becoming involved in such filth from a young age, many youngsters are carrying this filth along into their marriages. Ulama-e-Kiraam and social organizations are receiving an increasing number of e-mails and calls from women complaining that their husbands are watching the nauseating filth of porn. Some have become so utterly shameless that they indulge in this extremely obscene filth in the presence of their wives… La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah –  we seek Allah Ta’ala’s protection from every fitna –  especially the fitna of technology.

Merely discussing the above like a news item will not solve anything. The reason for highlighting some of the statistics is solely to conscientise those who are of the misconception that everything is OK… or that “its not too bad.” The crucial aspect though is the remedy.

The first step of the treatment, and insha Allah cure, is to acknowledge that one has a serious illness. If one mis-diagnoses a cancer as a common flu and treats it with ordinary anti-biotics, in a short time the cancer will spread and result in the person’s death. Therefore, first accept that one is dealing with a cancer. Hence emergency treatment must be undertaken.


Cancers are generally treated with chemotherapy or radium therapy. These are very harsh forms of treatment and cause much pain and discomfort. However, the one who is seriously seeking cure from a cancer undertakes such harsh treatment. Therefore, without procrastinating, immediately adopt the following steps:

    • CHANGE YOUR PHONE. If you have misused your phone, do not take any more chances. Curiosity may kill the cat again. It may kill your shame, marriage, family life and, worst of all, could even destroy your Imaan. Hence change your phone to a basic model which does not have any internet or multi-media capability.
    • If you cannot bring yourself to change your phone, make a pledge with Allah Ta’ala that if you ever misuse the phone again, you will BREAK it into little bits and pieces!! Likewise, if you misuse the computer or any other device, pledge to Allah Ta’ala that you will break it.
    • Remember death. Sit for a few minutes and imagine that while watching something on the phone, you suddenly suffered a massive heart attack and dropped dead. Your parents, spouse and children all came at the same time to find you dead with the phone in your hand still displaying the filth you were watching!!! There is an excellent section on death in the book Fazaail-e-Sadaqaat (pg. 565). Read this for a few minutes daily. By constantly doing this DAILY, it will develop the consciousness of death and become a barrier against sins.

  • Recite a portion of the Qur’an Shareef EVERY DAY. Also recite istighfaar and Durood Shareef 100 times each.
  • Spend some time daily to ponder and reflect: Remind yourself that you have to face Allah Ta’ala and that involvement in this filth will destroy you, your marriage and your children. Ponder about the utter shame and embarrassment if you are exposed.
  • Most importantly, develop a close bond with the righteous and pious. Join the gatherings of Deen, where the greatness of Allah Ta’ala is constantly discussed.

May Allah Ta’ala protect us from every evil and make us His true servants. Aameen.



Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said: “Every ummah was afflicted with a fitna (trial), and the fitna of my ummah is wealth” (Tirmizi).

Abdah bin Abi Lubabah (R.A.) once said: “Shaitaan has declared that no matter how much the son of Adam (A.S.) overpowers me in other aspects, he will not overpower me with regard to his wealth — as to how he will earn it and where he will spend it (i.e. Shaitaan will destroy a person by engaging him in impermissible dealings,  despite his apparent piety in other aspects of life).” The greatest test will come in matters of wealth.

Hazrath Huzaifa (R.A) is reported to have said that among the signs of being afflicted by fitna is that something which one always considered to be haraam is now regarded to be halaal (Hilyatul Awliya, p. 587).

Hazrath Huzaifa (R.A) is also reported to have said: “A time will come when only that person will be saved who will make dua like the dua of a drowning person (ie he will beg Allah Ta’ala with the same sincerity, fervour, desperation and from the depth of his heart like a person who is drowning).”

May Allah Ta’ala save us from every fitna. Aameen.


Q&A: Husband Chatting

Question: My husband has many female contacts on Facebook, BBM, and Twitter. He is often on the phone till past mid-night. Once I happened to see the content on his phone, including some smses to women he was flirting with. Ever since, he has locked his phone with a password. I am extremely hurt and becoming despondent. Please advise what I should do? (Question summarized)

Answer: Your situation is indeed tragic and heartbreaking. Chatting with non-mahram females is also a form of zina. Every form of zina is a serious and major sin. Allah Ta’ala declares “And do not go close to zina, verily it is immoral and a path of deviation.” May Allah Ta’ala grant your husband hidayat and enable him to totally refrain from these haraam acts.

You obviously wish to resolve the issue in such a manner that your marriage is not destroyed. If you confront him directly on the issue, due to the “intoxication” of the haraam he is involved in, he may react in a way that may break the marriage. An intoxicated person is not able to think logically. He cannot see the glaring harm and destruction in the evil that he is engaged in. He cannot see the tears of those crying around him. He is oblivious to the pain and trauma that his family is suffering due to his actions. Immoral and illicit activities of any sort gradually intoxicate a person more than alcohol and drugs. He then sinks into such foolish and reckless behaviour which he too will later deeply regret, but by then it will be too late to undo the damage. May Allah Ta’ala keeps one and all in His protection.


Therefore the only real solution is to develop the consciousness of Allah Ta’ala in his heart. Daily for at least ten minutes read the book Fazaaile-A’amaal with the family. Encourage him to participate in the efforts of Deen and to join the company of the pious. Also create an atmosphere of Deen at home. Ensure that salaah is performed on time, everyone in the family is reciting the Quraan Shareef, engaging in the recitation of tasbheehaat and zikr, etc. It is also extremely important to daily engage in dua with great humility and very earnestly.

Together with the above, it is vitally important to remove all the tools of vice from the home, such as the T.V., videos, music, magazines, etc.  May Allah Ta’ala guide us all to the straight path and save us from the path of following haraam desires and destruction.  Aameen.


Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time …. there existed a society that possessed true values. Among them lived the Queen of Jannah, the most beloved daughter of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam), Sayyidah Fatima (radiyallahu anha). Like the rest of the society of that era, she too possessed all the great qualities of taqwa, humility, generosity, forgiveness, sabr, tolerance and all the jewels and adornments of the heart. Among these spectacular qualities was the priceless pearl of hayaa (modesty/shame).  Sayiddah Fatima (radiyallahu anha) was an embodiment of hayaa.  The following incident highlights the level of hayaa that she possessed.


Once Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) asked the sahaaba (radiyallahu anhum): “What is the best quality of a woman?” Since the question pertained to women, the Sahaaba (radiyallahu anhum) remained silent and did not give any answer. Later Hazrath Ali (radiyallahu anhu) came home and posed the same question that Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) had asked them to his wife Sayyidah Fatima (radiyallahu anha). She spontaneously replied: “Why did you not reply (that the best quality of a woman) is that she does not see any (non-mahram) men and no (non-mahram) male gets to see her” (non-mahram refers to one with them whom marriage is not forbidden. This includes cousins, brother-in-laws, etc). Hazrath Ali (radiyallahu anhu) relayed her reply to Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam), upon which he replied in great joy: “Fatima is a part of me (hence she gave such a wonderful and perfect reply!!!)”

Sayyidah Fatimah (radiyallahu anha) regarded hayaa (modesty/shame) as among the most valuable and precious possession of a woman. She could not tolerate anything that will compromise hayaa. Hence she could not imagine anything better for a woman than to ensure that no non-mahram ever sets his eyes on her, nor should she ever see a non-mahram, as both these aspects will tarnish and affect the hayaa of a woman. If this is the effect of merely being seen by a non-mahram, one can easily understand the extent to which hayaa will deteriorate or even be destroyed in freely associating and inter mingling with non-mahrams!!!

Sayyidah Fatima (radiyallahu anha) lived with this priceless jewel of hayaa and passed away with it. During her last illness she was suddenly gripped by a great worry. It worried her that after a deceased person is washed and then fully wrapped in the kafn (shroud), some aspects of the body can still be perceived despite the shroud, such as one’s height, how healthy or thin a person is, etc. It tormented her that these aspects of her physical self may be perceived by those who will perform her janazah salaah and bury her. She expressed this fear to Hazrath Asma bint Umais (radiyallahu anha), the wife of Hazrath Abu Bakr (radiyallahu anhu). Hazrath Asma bint Umais (radiyallahu anha) suggested that a little wooden “frame” be placed over her janazah and a cloth be draped over it so that the mayyit under the “frame” will be completely concealed. Hazrath Asma (radiyallahu anha) then asked for some sticks and made a sample of the structure. Sayyidah Fatima (radiyallahu anha) became very pleased upon this. In the six months that she lived since the demise of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam), this was the only occasion she smiled. She was overjoyed that her very high level of hayaa will not be compromised even after death.


Those women who wish to stand alongside Sayyidah Fatima (radiyallahu anha.) on the day of Qiyaamah and hope to receive her intercession should reflect on their dressing and consciousness of the laws of hijaab. They should endeavour to walk in the footsteps of the Queen of Jannah. Insha Allah they too will then enter Jannah with her.


Faqihul Ummah: Stray Thoughts

Summary of Letter:

Bismihi Ta’ala

Respected Mufti Saheb

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

From the time I have taken bay’at on your hands until the present time, I do not yet find any significant change in my condition. I make all attempts to refrain from the forbidden  things but due to my human weakness I still commit such actions.

For instance my gaze sometimes falls on a strange women as a result of which evil thoughts continue to pester me, though I do not act upon the dictates of those thoughts. I also try to create the fear of Allah Ta’ala and His Rasul (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) in my heart and attempt to perform my salaah with khushoo’ and khudoo’ (humility and devotion) but I have not been successful in this either. Kindly advise me with regard to the above. One more malady which plagues me is anger. I simply cannot tolerate the faults of others Please guide me in this matter.


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

The one who treads the path of righteousness and strives to attain the same, Allah Ta’ala does not allow the efforts of such a person to go in vain even though he may not see the fruits of his efforts immediately. Allah Ta’ala declares: “Verily Allah does not allow the efforts of those who do good to go in vain” (Surah Tawba). Evil thoughts creeping into the mind is something beyond one’s control. Do not pay any attention to them (i.e. ignore such thoughts and then turn your attention to something else). This is similar to the case of a person who is going to the Musjid. While on his way he hears the braying of a donkey. This is something beyond his control. However an intelligent person will pay no attention to the braying of the donkey. He will continue on his way. Thus there is no accountability for such thoughts that come into the heart involuntarily (but are then ignored), Nevertheless may Allah Ta’ala grant you salvation from this as well.

When anger overcomes you, immediately drink cold water. If you are standing, sit down, and if you are sitting, recline. Busy yourself with some other work. This is the immediate treatment. The long term treatment is to (regularly) sit in solitude and ponder over the following: , I did not create the one whom I am angry with, nor did I grant him his eyes nose, hands, legs and all his other limbs. I did not grant him his health or his sustenance. Yet upon a trivial worldly matter I become angry with him.. If Allah Ta’ala, the Being who created me and granted me everything had to become angry with me, what would be my condition?

Was Salaam (Maktoobaat)