General Etiquettes


1. Anything which is used by a number of persons should be placed in its original place after use. Replace it in the same place from where you have taken it so that someone else does not have to search for it when required.

2. Having used an item, eg. a chair, do not leave it in the way or in a place where it becomes an obstacle for others.

3. When giving someone an item, do not throw it at him from a distance. Give it in his hand.

4. When passing something hot, heavy, or a liquid or food to another, do not pass it over someone's head. Perhaps it may slip.

5. If a needle becomes stuck in a cloth while sewing, do not pull it out with the teeth. It may break and hurt you.

6. Do not leave a needle or any sharp or dangerous item on a chair or bed. Somebody may sit or lie down on it.

7. Left-overs which you are not able to eat and crumbs should not be thrown into the dirt-bin. Birds and animals eat such food. Put it in a place where animals and birds may acquire it.

8. Always keep a stock of essential medicines at home.

9. On a journey do not accept responsibility of caring for the goods or anything of strangers nor undertake to deliver any letter or parcel for them.

10. Do not give such large loans which will put you into difficulties in the event of non-payment.

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