Shia Laws


Friday, 08 February 2008 17:51

The following are some of the masaa’il (laws) found in the books of the Shia:

* The authentic book of the Shia “Manlaa Yahdurhul Faqih,”  states: “It is not permissible to perform wudhu from the leftover water of Jews, Christians, illegitimate children and all those who are against Islam. The most dirty and polluted leftover water is that of a Sunni” (chapter on water and its purification, pg.8, vol.1). 

* “It is not permissible to marry among the Sunni because they are kaafirs. In the same manner their slaughtered animals are not permissible (to consume)” - (Tahdibul Ahkaam).

* “It is not permissible for a Muslim (i.e. a Shia) to marry a Sunni woman, or let one’s daughter marry a Sunni” - (Manlaa Yahdurul Faqih: vol.3, pg.328).



Those clamouring for Sunni-Shia unity should ponder upon these laws of the Shia. It is impossible that the one who regards even your leftover water as polluted will ever unite with you. Nor can we unite with someone who differs with us on some of the most fundamental aspects of Deen.