Qaumah & Jalsa


The standing posture after ruku before going into sajdah is termed as Qaumah whilst the sitting posture between the two sajdahs is termed as Jalsah.

It is waajib (compulsory) to perform the ruku, qaumah, sajdah and jalsah calmly. To perform these postures of Salaat calmly means that after performing the ruku for instance, one should not hasten towards the sajdah until the entire body is at ease.

Once the body is in this condition of calm and ease, to remain in that posture for the duration of one Tasbeeh (the duration of reciting subhaanallah once) is waajib. To perform these postures in the above mentioned manner (calmly) is termed as "It'minaan." The omission of It'minaan intentionally necessitates the repetition of the entire Salaat, since a waajib has been omitted. However if the omission was unintentional, a sajdah sahw (remedial prostration) has to be made. If the sajdah sahw was not performed, the Salaat is not valid and must be repeated (Shaami Vol.1 pg.433).

Most  people do perform the ruku and sajdah calmly. However, many people do not fulfil the condition of It'minaan in Qaumah and Jalsah at all, since the masnoon duas that are to be recited in these postures are completely omitted. Sadly many of the learned as well as the general public are guilty of this omission. (Salaah - Is Your’s Correct; p.12 - by Hazrath Moulana Fazlur Rahman Aazmi Saheb [M.Z.]  — refer to this book for the duas that should be recited in these postures)

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