Correct your Sajdah


The following are some important points to keep in mind with regard to the performance of sajdah:

* Whilst going into sajdah from qaumah (the standing posture before sajdah), do not bend the chest forward. Keep it straight. Only the knees should be bent while going down. Some people bend the upper half of the body forward from the moment that they start going down for sajda. Due to this an extra ruku is created. This is forbidden. Until the knees have not been placed on the ground, avoid bending the top half of the body as far as possible  .


* Whilst going into sajdah, first place the palms on the knees, then place the knees on the ground. Thereafter, place the hand and finally place the forehead. The nose should also touch the ground with the forehead.

* In sajdah, the fingers of both hands should be kept close together. There should be no space between the fingers.

* Another sunnat of sajdah is that the heels should be kept together. Both feet should be kept close together and the heels and ankles should be joined. Both feet should be kept upright with the toes facing the Qibla.

* The tips of all the fingers should face Qibla, including the thumb. Special care should be taken regarding this.

* The forearms should not be placed on the ground. Only the palms should touch the ground.

* Place the head between the hands in such a way that the tip of the thumbs are in line with the earlobe.

NB: For a more detailed discussion refer to the booklet “SALAAH-IS YOURS CORRECT?” by Hazrath Moulana Fazlur Rahman Aazmi Saheb. Available  

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