Is your Child Gambling


Gambling is a social evil which the Qur’an has clearly forbidden. While for a Muslim this is sufficient, even the kuffaar have realised the harm of gambling. The suffering of the millions of losers is easily understood. However, even the winners suffer greatly. Western surveys have found that those who have won much money in national lotteries, their lives suddenly turned into turmoil for various reasons. It is for this very reason that the organisers of the South African lottery offer free “counselling” for the winners! The losers can cry alone.


Gambling starts at a very young age in seemingly innocent ways. Presently the craze is some little plastic discs which come in packets of chips. Besides the hideous pictures on the disc which is sure to keep the angels away and to even give the children nightmares, children are gambling with these discs. They are used in a “game” where the winner takes away the disc of the loser. This is indeed gambling (refer Durre Manthur 3:564). The same applies to similar games that children play with marbles. Let us not fall into the trap of Shaitaan and follow the kuffaar headlong in every silly thing they do. Let us also educate our children and save them from gambling — as well as from becoming victims of the cheap money making gimmicks of the kuffaar.
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