The writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the false prophet of India, are filled with his falsehood. The following are some unedited excerpts:

1. It is a fact that Muhammad (PBUH) worked only three thousand miracles (Tuhfa Golarwia, pg.63). My miracles exceed two million in number (Tadhkiratul Shahadatain, pg.41).

2. No doubt the doctrine of the descent of Isa came from the Christians and is their fabrication. Those Muslims who believe Isa will descend from heaven have not followed the truth -- they are actually wandering in the valley of bewilderment (Ibid, pg.6).

3. Islam is not complete without faith in Ghulam Ahmad Qadian just as Haj is not complete without attending the congregation at Qadian. It is because Haj to Mecca these days does not serve its purpose (Paygham-e-Sulh, 19 April 1933).

4. The greater part of my life has been spent in supporting and favouring the British Government. I have written and published so many books against the theory of Jihad and the need for obedience to the British that if all these tracts and books were put together, it would take fifty almiras to accomodate them. I have sent these books to all the Arab countries: Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan and Turkey. It has always been my aim to convert these Muslims to have faith in the British Government and to discard from their minds the baseless traditions of cruel Mahdi and bloody Maseeh as well as the instigating ideas of Jihad which mislead foolish people (Taryaqul Qulub, pg.25).

5. No doubt my faith and doctrine, which I stress, is that Islam is composed of two parts. One is obedience to Allah and the other is obedience to the Government (i.e. the British government) which has created peace and under whose protection we are safe from oppressors (Shahadatul Quran, pg.86).

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