Q&A: The Musaafir



What is the distance which qualifies one to become a Musafir? 



According to the Ahaadith a person travelling a distance of four “bareed” becomes a Musafir. The Hanafi Fuqaha have differed in the computation of four “bareed.” Similarly the verdicts of senior contemporary Ulama has also varied on this question. Several senior Ulama are of the view that the minimum distance one must intend to travel in order to be considered as a Musafir in terms of the Shariah is    88 km. Other senior Ulama are of the view that the distance is 77 km. Those who are not equipped with the in-depth knowledge of the Fiqhi (juristic) aspects should follow one reliable and well versed Aalim and take his verdict in this matter (as well as all other aspects). This was the advice given in reply to a question on this issue by the great faqih (jurist) and muhaddith of his time, Hazrath Moulana Khalil Ahmed Saharanpuri (R.A.)  (see Tazkiratul Khaleel, pg. 297). Thus following a well versed, reliable Aalim will be sufficient for the masses.



Differences of verdicts are not in the least bit detrimental to the unity of the Ummah, provided that they come from people who are well versed in the Qur'an and Hadith and who are also proficient in the aspects of Fiqh (jurisprudence).

Such differences occurred among the Sahaaba (R.A.) as well as the senior scholars of every era. However, making an issue of such differences and denouncing the opposing view, despite the fact that both views come from reliable scholars, causes much dissention and discord. This should be totally avoided. 

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