The Glorious Qur'an is the eternal word of Allah Ta'ala. It is not the product of any human mind. For one who is sincerely seeking the truth, just any verse of the Glorious Qur'an is sufficient to convince him of its divine  nature. For instance, consider the Qur'anic declaration about honey. At a time when modern methods of analysing the properties of food items were not even imagined, the Glorious Qur'an openly declared: "In it (honey) is cure for people" (Sura Nahl, 69). Thus this fact can only be stated by the One and Only Creator of the universe, Allah Ta'ala.

The west, however, was fourteen centuries behind time in discovering the reality of honey. It was as late as the 19th century that European scholars discovered that honey contained antiseptic properties.Until then in Europe honey was considered only as a liquid food.The following excerpt sheds some light on the remarkable qualities of this delicious medicine:

"Honey is a powerful destroyer of germs which produce human diseases. It was not until the twentieth century (late 19th century), however, that this was demonstrated scientifically. Dr. W.G. Sackett, formerly with the Colorado Agricultural College at fort Collins, attempted to prove that Honey was a carrier of disease much like milk. To his surprise, all the disease germs he introduced into pure honey were quickly destroyed. The germ that causes typhoid fever died in pure honey after 48 hours exposure. Enteritidis, causing intestinal inflammation, lived 48 hours. A hardy germ which causes broncho-pneumonia and septicemia held out for four days. Bacillus coli Communis which under certain conditions causes peritonitis, was dead on the fifth day of experiment. According to Dr. Bodog Beck, there are many germs equally destructible in honey. The reason for this bactericidal quality in honey, he said, is in its hygroscopic ability. It literally draws every particle of moisture out of germs. Germs, like any other living organism, perish without water. This power to absorb moisture is almost unlimited. Honey will draw moisture from metal, glass, and even stone rocks."

(Rosicrucian Digest, September 1975, pg.11 — Adapted from God Arises)

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