Morsel For Morsel


Wahb bin Munabbah was among the great mufassireen. He has narrated an incident about a woman of the Bani Israeel. She was washing clothes at a riverside while her little child played on the bank of the river. A beggar passed by and asked for something to eat. The woman only had some bread. She broke off a piece and gave it to the beggar. A short while later a wolf suddenly appeared, snatched the child in its mouth and bounded off. The woman ran behind the wolf crying: “My child, my child.” Allah Ta`ala sent an angel who rescued the child from the mouth of the wolf. As the angel returned the child to the mother he said: “This morsel (of the wolf) is given to you in return for the morsel that you gave the beggar.” (Hayaatul Hayawaan)

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