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I am in university due to the insistence of my parents. The serious problem which my parents do not seem to understand, or turn a blind eye towards, is the environment on campus. The temptation to get involved in a host of evils is almost overwhelming. Everything around one incites one’s passions. One is repeatedly confronted with the scene of young people becoming highly intimate in public. A large number of Muslim girls and boys, perhaps the majority of Muslims on campus, also become entrapped in illicit activities. To top it all, one has to often contend with the blatant flirting and advances of Muslim and non-Muslim girls. Some apparently pious boys (and girls) eventually succumb to the temptations around them. How then can I be regarded as immune? But my parents are not prepared to hear any of my protestations. Please guide me in this matter. (The above is a summary of numerous questions received on this issue)        



A Muslim society requires people in every field. However, this need can never be pursued at the expense of Imaan and one’s Islamic values. Let alone acquiring a university degree, if one will have to break some command of Deen in the process of performing a nafil ibadah, even the nafil ibadah will be left out in such an instance. For example, a Muslim woman wishes to raise funds for the orphans and widows. This is a very noble deed. However, if this will necessitate her intermingling with non-mahram men and breaking the laws of hijaab, she will not be allowed to undertake the charitable work.

As for your dilemma, try to get your parents to understand by asking some senior person to speak to them. You may perhaps take them along one day to campus and let them see for themselves what you are being subjected to. Nevertheless, some interim means that you must adopt to save your Imaan and chastity are mentioned hereunder. Do remember though that adopting these means in an environment where immorality and shamelessness are pouring is like opening up an umbrella when walking in heavy rain. While the umbrella will help to keep one dry to some extent, one is bound to get wet .

Some of the means to adopt are:

* Firstly, seek out a senior, pious personality whom you can easily relate to. Form a strong bond with him and discuss all your conditions with him. Follow his advice strictly.

* Constantly engage in Da’wah. Invite towards good and forbid the evil — with wisdom. Talk to the Muslims on campus about the harms of sin. Explain to them the reward for perseverance. The more you invite towards good and forbid evil, the greater the chances that you will be saved from the fitna around you.

* Always dress in Sunnah attire. Wear a turban and carry a tasbih in your hand (do not be concerned about what others may say). Fix your gaze to the ground when walking outside or anywhere where you will encounter women.

* Keep your tongue and heart occupied as much as possible in the recitation of istigfaar (seeking forgiveness). Also set aside some time daily to sit in solitude and make zikr.

* Restrict yourself to the Musjid on campus unless you are attending any lecture. Do not join friends who are not inclined to Deen. While you should invite all in a pleasant manner towards righteousness, always remain in pious company.

* Daily perform two rakaats of salaatul haajah (need). Then spend at least five minutes in Dua, begging Allah Ta’ala to protect you and others from all the fitna.

In short, the main priority is to save one’s Imaan and completely refrain from the disobedience of Allah Ta`ala. If this is not possible due to the environment, do not go there. Study via correspondence or seek some other avenue of Halaal earning. Allah Ta`ala alone is the Provider. If you sacrifice for Him, He will provide from unimaginable sources.

May Allah Ta’ala guide you and us towards His pleasure at all times. Aameen.

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