Q&A: Addicted to Drugs & MXIT


Tuesday, 26 August 2008 01:02

Question: My life has become a misery. I perform most of my Salaah but I am also hopelessly addicted to drugs, alchohol, Mxit and other evils. Please advise me as to how I can overcome my problems. (Summary of question).

Answer: Before dealing with your problem, understand the following well: Be absolutely certain that Allah Ta'ala loves you. He has blessed you with Imaan which is the greatest bounty, as well as showered countless other favours upon you. You should therefore be grateful to Allah Ta'ala for all that He has blessed you with. Allah Ta'ala also wishes to engulf you in His mercy. Hence He has inspired your heart with the desire to repent.

Nevertheless, generally in this world the principle of cause and effect applies in all aspects. Fire is a cause and its effect is to burn. Likewise, it is the faith of a Mu'min (Believer) that his actions directly impact on his condition. Obedience to Allah Ta’ala brings joy, contentment, serenity and peace. Likewise, the fire of disobedience and sin burns directly in one's heart, thus destroying one's peace and tranquillity. Thus a person becomes miserable and dejected even in the lap of luxury and comfort. It is therefore necessary to give up sin and return to Allah Ta'ala. This will guarantee you happiness.

In order to overcome your addiction, diligently implement what has been mentioned hereunder. Insha Allah you will benefit from it.

Thereafter, for a few minutes, close your eyes and meditate over death. Visualise each scene for at least ten seconds.

Imagine... that you are about to pass away ... you can feel your soul being extracted from your body ... you have now passed away ... your body is being washed ... you have been wrapped in the kafn (shroud) … your loved one’s are crying around your enshrouded body ... your janaza Salaah is being performed ... you are being carried on the shoulders of people to the graveyard … you are being lowered into your grave ... the planks have been put in place ... and you can hear the sand crashing upon it ... you are now ALONE … in your DARK grave.

While meditating upon death also consider how tragic it will be if death came suddenly at a time when there is a drug in your hand and your breath is smelling of alcohol, or while you were engaged in a haraam “chat,” or you died clutching a phone which at that moment had filthy pictures on the screen??? May Allah Ta’ala save us from living a sinful life — and save us from a bad death!!!



Having meditated over death in the above manner, open your eyes and ponder over how you can brighten your grave while you still have life. Hence resolve to do good actions, which will be a source of light in the grave, and resolve to refrain from all sin. Thereafter, beseech Allah Ta'ala with utmost humility in the following manner: “O Allah, I am Your most sinful and weakest servant. I cannot give up anything. You are the Most Powerful and the Most Merciful. Only You can help me give up these sins. O Allah, I beg Your forgiveness and plead with You to enable me to give up these sins.” Continue to beg of Allah Ta’ala in this manner for at least five minutes.

Commence with the above aspects immediately. Do not lose hope. Immediately start walking towards Allah Ta'ala's obedience and His mercy will rush towards you. May Allah Ta'ala help us all to become His true slaves and save us from the traps of nafs and shaitaan. Aameen.