Q&A: Staff and Zuhr Salaah


Wednesday, 03 December 2008 21:38

Question: Many Muslim staff at our manufacturing plant do not perform Zuhr Salaah. Their excuse is that the thirty minute lunch break is not enough for both lunch and Salaah. As the employer would I be responsible for their omission of Salaah? It should also be noted that many of these staff only perform Jumu’ah Salaah!


Answer: Salaah is compulsory upon every individual. If a person is prevented from performing his Salaah at his place of work, he must immediately start looking for another job. While he should continue with the current job until he finds another one, he should nevertheless look for alternate employment with the same urgency as an unemployed person who is desperate for work. As for the situation in question, the employee should perform his Salaah in fifteen minutes and quickly have his lunch in the remaining time.

Having said the above, as a Muslim employer you should look at the situation from another perspective. Presently, your focus is only on the production of material goods. You should change this and make your primary focus the production of eternal rewards in the hereafter.



Allah Ta'ala has placed your staff under your employment. While they certainly benefit from the salary that they earn, your benefit from their collective labour is far greater. It is by means of their collective labour that your earn your millions. Since Since Allah Ta’ala has made it possible for you to earn your dunya (worldly benefits) by means of their labour, part of the gratitude for this favour is to be concerned for the Deen of your staff. Since many of your staff hardly perform Salaah at all, it is your duty to encourage them towards Salaah. If you gave your Muslim staff an extra fifteen minutes so that they could easily perform their Zuhr as well as have lunch, no loss will be incurred in your business. Instead there will be greater barakah. Much more will be achieved in a shorter time. Whatever is achieved will be filled with blessings and will be a source of benefit and comfort.



Therefore, do not consider your business to be merely a money-making machine. Instead, first regard it as a means of inviting your staff, customers and others towards Deen. Then consider it to be a means of earning a Halaal living. In many countries Islam spread through Muslim businessmen. They conducted their business with honesty, good character, clear dealings and by practically inviting whoever they dealt with towards Islam. If you change your focus and adopt the same manner and conduct as those businessmen, Allah Ta’ala will make you also a means of many people coming into the fold of Islam, insha Allah. Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said: “If Allah Ta’ala guides one person through you, it is better for you than the world and whatever it contains.” This is the real production to aspire for. May Allah Ta'ala assit you. Aameen.