Chattering In The Musjid


There was a time when a Muslim was constantly in the rememberance of Allah Ta’ala. The enviroment in the home and even in the bazaars and market-places was such that at every turn one would be reminded of Allah Ta’ala. That situation has dramatically changed in the homes and bazaars. In most instances it is only worldly discussions that dominate these places. However, one would expect the mundane talk to end in the homes and bazaars. At the most it should come to a screeching halt at the steps of the Musjid. But alas, even that short while in the House of Allah Ta’ala is not spent exclusively in His rememberance. Many people spend much of this time in the Musjid in worldly discussions. Thus a person comes to earn tremendous rewards, but instead he returns with the curse of the angels.



It is reported in a Hadith that when a person engages in worldly talk in the Musjid an angel says to him: “Keep quiet O friend of Allah.” If he continues in his worldly chatter, the angel says for the second time: “Keep quiet O enemy of Allah.” If he still persists, the angel finally says to him: “Keep quiet, may the curse of Allah be upon you” (Aadabul Masaajid pg.6). It is also narrated that worldly talk in the Musjid destroys the good deeds just as fire consumes wood (ibid). In another Hadith a severe warning has been sounded, that when the Ummah will engage in fifteen actions, calamities will pour down upon them. One of the fifteen points mentioned is: “...and when voices will be raised in the Musjid.” (Mishkaat)

Often the worldly conversations in the Musjid greatly disturbs other Musallies. The severity of this can be understood from the following incident. Once Hazrath Umar (radhiallahu anhu) was performing the salaah when a person came into the Musjid, placed down some things that he was carrying in front of the saff (row) and joined the salaah. When Hazrath Umar (radhiallahu anhu) completed the salaah he called for the person and punished him for having caused a disturbance in the salaah of the Musallies (Aadaabul Masaajid pg.35).

From the above it is clearly understood that to disturb a person performing salaah in any manner whatsoever, whether it be by placing something down in front of him or talking aloud (whispering aloud also has the same distracting effect), or by doing anything that will distract his attention from his salaah must be totally avoided. Indeed, if any collective act is to take place in the Musjid such as a nikah, talk, lesson, etc., then at such a time those wishing to perform salaah should themselves move over to another part of the Musjid where they will not be disturbed.



Often the respect of the House of Allah Ta’ala is severely compromised immediately after a nikah. While people queue up to meet the groom, the entire Musjid suddenly erupts with raised voices. However, it is not even a sunnah to greet the groom after the nikah, whereas the prohibition of raising one’s voice or engaging in worldly talk in the Musjid is stressed in the Ahadith. Thus after a nikah special note should be taken of this aspect.

The Musjid is the House of Allah Ta’ala. It should be treated with the utmost respect.

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