(NATAL WITNESS - FRIDAY 11 APRIL1997) The Council on American-Islamic Relations demanded on Wednesday that Nike Incorporated apologise for using a logo on athletic shoes that resembles the word “ALLAH” in the Arabic script. Nike said the logo is meant to look like flames for a line of shoes to be sold this year . . . The Islamic Councils executive director, Nihad Awad, insisted at a Washington news conference that the shoes have been seen at stores across the U.S., one pair in New Jersey as recently as Tuesday.

In 1995, Nike removed a billboard near the University of Southern California that depicted a basketball player with the headline “They Called Him Allah.” The Council on American-Islamic Relations told Nike officials the billboard offended Muslims. Sapa-AP.



Why is a basketball player headlined “ALLAH”? Why the name of Allah on shoes? Is it a deliberate attempt to sacrilege and desecrate the name of Allah Ta’ala? The name of Allah Ta’ala on a shoe will surely be trampled, kicked, become soiled with mud or even filth . . Allah Forbid! The Qur’an has long ago declared: “...The enmity has become apparent from their mouths, and what their hearts conceal is worse” (3 : 118).

Often the hatred of the Kuffaar for the Believers becomes manifest from their words and actions. However, we should consider to what extent we support the very people who openly desecrate the name of Allah Ta’ala. If our parents were greatly insulted by any person, will we still support him and add to his coffers? Then what about the name of Allah Ta’ala ??? Would we give publicity to those who desecrate our name? Then what about the name of Allah Ta’ala ???

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