Hazrath Faqihul Ummah (rahmatullah alaihi) was indeed an embodiment of humility. His teachings are filled with lessons of humility. The desire for name and fame was nowhere to be seen. The following incidents from his life are a lesson to one and all, especially to those who were associated with him:

Mufti Kifaayatullah Gangohi Saheb (rahmatullah alaihi) was appointed as the mufti of Deoband. At that time Hazrath Faqihul Ummah (rahmatullah alaihi) was the assistant mufti of Mazahirul Uloom, Saharanpur. On one occasion when Mufti Kifaayatullah (rahmatullah alaihi) met Hazrath Faqihul Ummah (rahmatullah alaihi), he said to him: “There are thousands of letters and queries that are lying unanswered in the Darul Ifta of Darul Uloom Deoband.” Hazrath Faqihul Ummah (rahmatullah alaihi) replied: “Every week send a hundred or so letters to me. If you cannot arrange this, I will have somebody collect a hundred letters from you every week. At the end of the week he will bring back the replies of the first hundred and collect the next hundred. I will write the replies and leave the place for the signature blank. You can sign them and send them off.” (Introduction to Fataawa Mahmoodia, vol.3)

This incident is filled with great lessons for us. The extent of compassion, the eagerness to assist others, the readiness to undertake difficulty upon oneself for the cause of Deen and shunning name and fame is all apparent from the above. Thus we also have to follow in these footsteps. May Allah Ta’ala grant us the ability to do so. Aameen.

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