Reasons For Deprivation


Saturday, 15 May 2010 23:06

Elaborating on the reasons for deprivation, Hazrath (rahmatullah alaihi) mentioned the following incident: Once Hazrath Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihi) was busy replying to his letters after zuhr salaah. During this time if anybody wished to enquire anything, they would do so. A person sitting in front had wished to ask something. Hazrath Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihi) would repeatedly look at him but would not say anything. This continued until Asr. Finally at Asr time Hazrath turned his attention to him. The person requested forgiveness (for causing the distraction). Hazrath Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihi) then said to him: “Every time I looked at you, the incident where you swore at me pierced me like a dagger in the heart. As a result I was greatly disturbed by this... when you have pierced the dagger into me, did you also do anything to help to heal the wound ?” The person replied: “You had clearly announced that you have forgiven all those who had abused you, etc. Hence I understood from this that I too have been forgiven.”

Upon this Hazrath Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihi) said: “Even now I say the same thing — that I have totally forgiven everyone including you. I will take no revenge, neither in this world nor in the hereafter. But what can I do about my heart? Whenever I want to turn my attention to you, the incident stabs me like a dagger. I have forgiven you, but what have you done to remedy the situation?” The person replied that he had made tawba from the act he had committed. Hazrath Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihi) further said: “It is fine that you have repented. However, did you inform me of this repentance? I was under the impression that you still hold the same views that you expressed at that time. Now you will not derive any benefit from me. It is best that you go to some other sheikh.” (Malfoozaat,v.8 pg.18)

A great lesson is to be taken from this incident. While the mashaaikh totally forgive those people who have harmed them and they harbour no malice for anyone, being human they are also hurt emotionally by the ill conduct of people. This natural feeling becomes a barrier for the mureed from deriving any benefit. May Allah Ta’ala save us from causing inconvenience to anyone, especially His special servants.