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Anxiety, worry, stress, depression … such words are heard more frequently than every before. In many instances people are overwhelmed by illnesses, financial difficulties, social problems or any other adverse conditions, hence they feel dejected and depressed. At times there is no apparent reason for the lack of peace in the heart. Irrespective of the cause of the anxiety, the divine remedy has been spelt out in the Qur'an Al- Kareem. Allah Ta'ala declares: “Behold! In the rememberance of Allah do the hearts get peace.” (13:28)



Essentially the remembrance of Allah Ta'ala refers to His obedience. Disobedience of Allah Ta’ala will shatter the peace of the heart. Nevertheless, together with His complete obedience, the verbal zikr of Allah Ta’ala has also been greatly stressed in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Zikr is a polish for the heart. Constancy on zikr will illuminate the heart and fill it with tranquility, despite the adverse circumstances that sometimes engulf one. Therefore daily some time should be dedicated exclusively for zikr, even if initially it is just five minutes. One will insha-Allah derive great benefit. In this time one may engage in the recitation of istighfaar, durood shareef and the third kalima (for details contact an experienced Aalim).

Another effective method to acquire the desired peace and tranquillity is meditation. Daily sit in solitude for a few minutes and deeply ponder over all the bounties that Allah Ta'ala has blessed you with. Commence with pondering over the greatest blessing of Imaan and then ponder over all the other bounties, which millions of others do not have. By pondering on the bounties, one will feel positive. Also meditate about Jannah. Think about the magnificent blessings of Jannah. By constantly doing this the heart will yearn for Jannah and will disincline from the world. Hence, one will be spurred on towards those actions that take one towards Jannah.



In their search for peace and tranquillity some people resort to various practices, many of which are not permissible. Among these practices is yoga. The practise of yoga has its roots in religions other than Islam. The Kemetic people were the first to practice yoga long before it was in India. These were people of Egypt who did yoga in temples. With the fall of Egypt these people migrated to what is now India and took along their practices with them, which eventually evolved into Hinduism.

One should therefore totally refrain from such practices. The remembrance of Allah Ta'ala is the greatest thing – and for a Mu'min (Believer) this is sufficient.

May Allah Ta'ala fill our hearts with his remembrance and grant us peace. Aameen

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