The Best Connection


Among the buzz words of the time is “connectivity”. Millions of people are connected via land-lines, several mobile numbers, multiple email addresses, BBM, WhatsApp, ……… and whatever else. However, in the midst of all these “connections” we forget about being “connected” to our Creator and Sustainer, our Benefactor and Provider, the Most Kind, Most Compassionate, Most Beneficent and Most Merciful … our beloved Allah Ta’ala. The connection with Allah Ta’ala is the most essential need of every Mu’min (Believer). Without this connection one is spiritually dead and is merely a walking, talking, eating, drinking and money-making machine. The reality will one day dawn upon such a person when suddenly he is seized by …….. DEATH. Then it will be too late to make any “connection.”



In the Qur’an Shareef we have been clearly commanded to make this connection. Allah Ta’ala declares: “And turn to your Rabb (Sustainer) and submit unto him before the punishment comes upon you, then you will not be helped” (39:54). The Qur’an commands us to make inaabah, which has been translated above as “turn to your Rabb.” Inaabah, however has a much deeper meaning. It refers to extracting the heart out of the abyss of passions and desires. It also refers to attaching oneself to Allah Ta’ala by means of sincere repentance and performance of righteous actions. Inaabah requires one to turn away from everything and turn towards that Being who is the Creator and owner of everything.


When one is connected to Allah Ta’ala, this connection will manifest itself in every aspect of life. The fulfilment of the obligations of Deen will be the highest priority of a person’s life. Thus his salaah will not be delayed for business or other occupations, his zakaat and other acts of worship will be discharged correctly and on time, his business dealings will be strictly in accordance to shariah and his exemplary social life and outstanding character will conform to the beautiful example of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). All this depends on having a strong connection. If he has a weak connection, this will also become evident. Such a person may be punctual with his salaah for instance, but will not be concerned about doing only halaal business, or will not care if he soils his tongue with vulgar language. His ill conduct will indicate that the “line is not clear” and that he has an extremely weak connection. Such a weak connection could lead to a major disaster in this world and the Hereafter.
In order to totally connect ourselves to Allah Ta’ala and have a “clear line” we must disconnect ourselves from everything that hinders or affects this connection. If our “line is engaged” elsewhere, our connection with Allah Ta’ala will certainly be affected. It is due to being connected elsewhere that sacred occasions such as the month of Ramadhaan come and go, yet we fail to connect to our Rabb. Our life does not change for the better. The focus of life does not change. Thirty days of fasting and ibadah also do not create the resolve to abandon haraam – haraam actions, relationships, business, and all haraam connections. Life just goes on without any direction ... until ... suddenly ... death strikes ... and one is entirely disconnected from one’s family, friends, businesses, properties and all one’s belongings ... and is forever connected to the consequences of one’s deeds in the Hereafter.


In this era among the greatest impediments in establishing a clear and strong connection with Allah Ta’ala is the connection, rather addiction, with entertainment. Almost everything revolves around entertainment. Parting with a few rands for charity is also subject to being served an ‘entertaining dinner’. Millions of people are in the vice-grip of S.M.A. (social media addiction) in order to keep themselves entertained. (This aspect is discussed in a separate article). During the auspicious nights of Ramadhaan, when it is time to connect with Allah Ta’ala by means of tilawat, zikr, dua and other forms of ibadah, numerous people are instead connected to various media for excitement and entertainment. Many people attend even Deeni programs only if it promises to be exciting and entertaining!!! Thus the connection to entertainment has prevented our connection being established with Allah Ta’ala.


Since we have not connected ourselves with Allah Ta’ala, the soul is deprived of its nourishment and is thus crying out. The nourishment of the soul is the remembrance and obedience of Allah Ta’ala. However due to the deception of nafs and shaitaan, people try to fill the void and quench the severe thirst of the soul with futile and even haraam entertainment. This is no different to a parched person trying to quench his thirst by drinking the salty water of the sea. Every gulp merely increases his thirst. He can never gain any satisfaction even if he drinks up the ocean!!! It is only sweet water that will quench his thirst. Likewise it is only the remembrance and obedience of Allah Ta’ala that will bring peace to the heart and tranquillity to the soul.

Ramadhaan is a month that comes as a guest to get us “connected” to Allah Ta’ala. All the “lines” from above are fully opened for us to connect by means of fasting, taraweeh salaah, abundant recitation of the Qur’an, itikaaf and other forms of devotion. However, if our “lines” remain connected with entertainment and haraam, the connection with Allah Ta’ala will not be possible. If we are serious about connecting with Him, we must disconnect from every haraam as well as the means that lead to haraam.

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