Imaam Ghazaali (ramatullah alaihi) says:, “Death is a tremendous thing to fear, but most people are heedless of it. It is important that, from time to time, one should concentrate upon death, to the exclusion of all other things and imagine that death is staring one in the face. One should think of one’s friends and relatives and recall to one’s mind how they were placed on the bier, carried to the grave and buried under mounds of earth. One should imagine their faces and think of their high ambitions. Then think of the changes that dust might have wrought in their handsome faces,  how their bodies might have decayed, how their children were orphaned, their wives were widowed, how their relatives were left to weep over their losses.


They were intoxicated by their youthful vigour, but are lying today in the graves, forsaken and uncared for! How deeply absorbed they were in the affairs of the world but now their hands and feet are scattered apart and worms are crawling on their tongues! Their bodies have become food for worms! How heartily they laughed, but now their teeth have decayed and fallen out! They made ambitious plans and arrangements for many years to come, though death loomed over their heads. Little did they know, on the last day of their life, that they were destined to spend that very night in the grave! The same is the case with me. Though I am busy making arrangements for years to come, I do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. (Ihyaa)

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