The Real Solution


“I have a problem!” This is arguably among the most common complaint in any day. From stress and anxiety to chronic illnesses, from cash-flow problems to abject poverty, from petty domestic disputes to family feuds and worst of all minor sins to blatantly trampling the laws of Allah Ta’ala – almost everyone has some problem. Is there any solution – a solution that can make one feel content even in poverty and grateful even in sickness. Is there a solution to the raging infernos in many homes and to the blazing fires in many hearts?.......Yes. The solution is called Taqwa.

This solution has been clearly described in the Qur’an Shareef. Allah Ta’ala, our Creator, Sustainer and Nourisher, declares in the Glorious Qur’an: “He who fears Allah Ta’ala, He (Allah) will grant him a solution (to every problem) and will bestow him with sustenance from sources he cannot imagine.” (s65 : v3). Allah Ta’ala further proclaims: “Whoever fears Allah, He will create ease for him.” (s65 : v4).


Having understood that Taqwa is the solution, it is vitally important to understand what Taqwa really means and what it entails. Generally translated as “the fear of Allah Ta’ala”. Taqwa refers to rectifying one’s relationship with Allah Ta’ala. Relationships are enhanced by doing what pleases the beloved and refraining from everything that the beloved is displeased with. Can there be anyone more beloved to us than Allah Ta’ala, our Creator and Sustainer, who provided us with everything??? Therefore, Taqwa demands that we do whatever He is pleased with and totally avoid all sin. Taqwa is a complete “package”. The solution to all our problems lies in taking the full package and not in picking and choosing.

Taqwa encompasses having the correct beliefs, discharging one’s obligatory acts of ibadat, abiding to all the laws of Shariah in ones business and social life, adopting good akhlaaq and refraining from all sin. It also includes making efforts to enhance one’s relationship with Allah Ta’ala and to serve His Deen. This is the full package of Taqwa. Nevertheless, the Qur’an Shareef and the noble Ahaadith have highlighted many aspects and directly linked them to Taqwa. This conveys the message that while every facet of Deen is very important, the highlighted aspects are key elements in the Taqwa “package”. Ignoring or neglecting any of these aspects will invite problems — sometimes extremely complicated and major problems — in this world and the Hereafter. May Allah Ta’ala protect us! 


The blessed month of Ramdhaan is almost here. It is a very signinficant month indeed. Allah Ta’ala showers down His mercy in this Mubarak month. The reward of every Fardh action that one performs is multiplied seventy times. Every nafil action attracts the reward of performing a fardh act. The sustenance of a Believer is also increased. However, all these great bounties are the bonus of this great month. The object of this month is to acquire the great wealth of Taqwa. It is the month to acquire the real solution — by adopting the entire “package” of Taqwa.

Some of the highlights of the Taqwa “package” have been discussed in several articles of this issue. May Allah Ta’ala guide us and bless us with this great wealth. Aameen. 

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