Ready for Tomorrow?


“O you who believe, FEAR ALLAH, and let every soul see what he has sent ahead for tomorrow. And keep fearing Allah. Verily Allah is aware of what you do.” (s39 : v18)

Every word and deed of the one who has Taqwa will be guided by “tomorrow” – the Hereafter. Tomorrow, on the Day of Judgement, the first question one will be asked about is salaah.    Taqwa will therefore wake one up for Fajr salaah, it will tug one out of the business and into the musjid for Zuhr and Asr and it will ensure that one’s Maghrib and Esha is also performed with jama’ah. Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) is reported to have said: “Salaah is a pillar of deen. The one who upholds it has established His deen. The one who destroys it has destroyed Deen.” Together with regular performance of all salaah (with jama’ah for males), upholding salaah also includes performing it correctly with complete humility and devotion. Thus the most fundamental element of the solution to one’s problems is salaah. To the extent salaah will be neglected – problems are bound to follow.

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