Have some Shame


 “And the garments of Taqwa (FEAR OF ALLAH)are better.” (s7 : v26)

Among shaitaan’s first target to break down one’s hayaa (modesty and shame), and consequently one’s Taqwa, is through shameless dressing. In particular, women’s dressing trends are generally getting worse by the day. The garments of Taqwa conceal and do not reveal, whereas the modern shameless trend is to reveal more and conceal less. Every woman should ask herself what  would be the reaction of Hazrath Ayesha (R.A.) or Hazrath Fatima (R.A.) if they had to see what type of garments they own and how they dress???  

Taqwa demands that we sit up and take stock of our manner of dressing. If we do not adopt Taqwa NOW and halt the rot that has already set in, many of tomorrow’s daughters and grand-daughters will be dressing no less shamelessly than the loose women of the west. The parents and grand parents of today will also be answerable for this rot if they do nothing to REVERSE the present slide towards shamelessness.

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