Clean Deal


“O you who Believe, FEAR ALLAH and forsake what is left of interest if you are indeed Believers.” (s2: v278)

In the above aayah the Believers are addressed, yet Allah Ta’ala says at the end “if you are indeed Believers.” This indicates that, especially in business and monetary dealings, there are those Believers who deal like true Believers. They are honest and true to their word. They pay what-ever is due upon them on time. Such people’s business  is an invitation to Islam and a good example of the sublime teachings of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). May Allah Ta’ala bless them and shower them with immense barakah. 

Then there are those Believers who, most unfortunately and tragically, deal like the dishonest disbelievers. Lying, deceiving, not paying one’s creditors and indulging in haraam business is the order of the day. Business is the object of their life at any cost – at the expense of Deen as well as the honour, wealth and even lives of others. Such people distance others away from Islam for a few coppers. May Allah Ta’ala guide them and bless them with Taqwa. Aameen. 

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