Q & A: Qurbani Animal


Question: If a person wishes to spend, for instance, R3000 on Qurbani, will it be better to purchase one animal for this price or sacrifice two animals for the same total amount? Also, should any consideration be given to the quality of the meat?

Answer: In the above situation it would be better to slaughter two animals instead of one  (Fatawaa Mahmoodiya, vol. 26, pg. 265).

The sacrificing of an animal itself is waajib (compulsory) upon the one who has the means to do so. For the Qurbani to be valid the animal must comply with the pre-conditions laid down in Shariah.  Thereafter, though not a pre-condition for the validity, the quality and quantity of the meat of the animal should also be considered. The Fuqaha (jurists) have stated that if a person has an option between two animals of the same price, it will be better to purchase the animal which has more meat. This is obviously a consideration of the meat.


Likewise, Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) encouraged that  one who sacrifices an animal should also eat from it. In fact it is mustahab that the first morsel to be consumed on Eidul Adha be from the Qurbani animal. All this clearly indicates that, though not a pre-condition for its validity, the meat is also considered. Hence, even if it is a nafl Qurbani, which will be distributed to the poor, one should slaughter such an animal which one will be happy to eat and others will likewise be happy to consume. If it is known that the meat will be accepted grudgingly or that it will be hardly palatable, this is against the spirit of Qurbani.

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