Faqihul Ummah: Financial Loss


Summary of Question:

(A person complained of his problems and especially his constant financial difficulties. He also requested to know why this is happening).

Summary of Reply:

The most essential aspect to remember is that every person's destiny has been pre-ordained before he was even born. Whatever has been decreed for him, he will certainly receive it even if the entire creation desires that it should not reach him. Likewise, whatever has been decreed that he will not acquire it, he will never receive it even if the entire creation tries to give it to him.

As for your business continuously failing and your suffering financial losses, generally one of the reasons due to which this happens is not having discharged someone's right (such as not having paid someone his due). This is an extremely dangerous aspect. As long as that right has not been discharged it will continue to torment and harm one.

Sometimes the conditions described in the question are due to not giving charity.

Discharge all Rights

Therefore, think carefully whether you have fulfilled everyone’s rights. If someone's right is unfulfilled, discharge it immediately. If you cannot remember  if any person's due was not paid, in such circumstances you should nevertheless still give some charity with the intention that Allah Ta'ala may absolve you of any outstanding right by means of this charity on behalf the one you are indebted to.

Furthermore, always consider the plight of the poor and needy. It is stated in a hadeeth that he who is merciful upon those on earth, the Lord of the universe (Allah Ta'ala) will be merciful upon him. In the manner that you treat the creation of Allah Ta'ala, Allah Ta'ala will treat you accordingly. If you show mercy and kindness to Allah Ta'ala's creation, mercy will be showered upon you. Therefore, divide your income into three portions. Reinvest one third into your business, spend one third upon your family and spend the remaining one third upon the poor and needy. (Malfoozat, vol 2, pg 157)

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