The Power of Chastity


Sunday, 13 December 2015 10:03

Shaikh ‘Abdul Haqq Muhaddith Dehlawi (rahimahullah) narrates:

Delhi was once struck by a very severe drought. People were suffering to the point of not even having basic bread. The ‘Ulama eventually decided that all the people would gather in an open field on an appointed day so that salaatul istisqaa (salaah for rain) could be performed. After the salaah, everybody would repent from their sins and make du‘aa for rain.

On the appointed day all the people gathered outside the city, their faces burning from the heat of the sun. After the salaah, all exerted themselves in du‘aa, crying and begging for rain. To their dismay, however, there was no sign of rain.  This continued  until the time of ‘asr salaah arrived. As they were begging Allah Ta‘ala in du‘aa, a young traveller  walked past the field, leading a camel on which a woman covered in a veil was seated. Seeing the people in distress, he asked them what was going on. He was informed of the severe drought and the people’s du‘aas for rain not being answered. Upon hearing this he went to his camel and lifted his hands in du‘aa. Before he could even lower his hands, the sky filled with clouds and rain began to fall in torrents!

Accepted Du‘aa

An ‘Aalim went up to the youngster and asked him how he had attained the good fortune of being a person whose du‘aas were instantly answered .The youngster replied, “Seated on the camel is my mother. She has led a life of such purity and chastity, that neither has she ever set eyes on a strange man nor has a strange man ever set his eyes on her. I clutched her shawl and made du‘aa saying, ‘O Rabb of the universe! This is my pious and chaste mother. If her piety and chastity is valued in your sight then shower your rain upon your servants.’ I had not yet put my hands down when the rain began to fall.”

Subhaanallah! This woman’s chastity and purity became the means of the people being relieved of the difficulty. It is time to once again revive hayaa and chastity — chastity in the eyes, ears, tongue, heart and entire body. Allah Ta‘ala will then surely shower down His mercies and blessings in everything.