Making More than Money!


Thursday, 15 December 2016 06:27

The sound of a cash register in full swing is coveted by the store owner, while the sight of a full waiting room pleases the doctor. Likewise, a long line of cars pleases the car-wash owner and the start of the new school year pleases the stationer. The common factor is that all these aspects signal that money is being made!

Making Money

The task of ‘making money’ is one which people generally attach tremendous importance to and thus the sight of their ‘money machine’ in motion causes them great delight. Furthermore, they leave no stone unturned in making money. Whether working from 8 until late, 7 days a week, in order to progress from small-store owner to entrepreneur at the helm of an economical empire, or studying for years to acquire a string of degrees that will equate half the alphabet hanging onto one’s name. It is apparent that we have made more than the required effort in seeing to our material needs.

Making a Life

While many of us have excelled at ‘making money’, to the extent that we have apparently secured not only our own financial future but also those of many generations to come, we have to realize that money is nothing more than a means to an end. The end and goal, in our case, is the goal of making a life of Deen which will secure us success in this world and in the Hereafter. If we lose focus of this goal and instead regard making money to be the goal in life, we will make money – but at the unaffordable expense of “breaking” our peace, happiness, family and most of all, our Deen.

Making a Home

While “making money” should not be the focus of our lives, what we truly need to invest in is “making” our homes. Though the physical structure undoubtedly stands above us, shielding us from the elements, it is the Deeni environment within the home that needs to be built in order for the inhabitants of the home to be shielded from the elements of sin and haraam. Just as a business will not make it if the boss is not at the wheel, the environment of the home will not be made if the heads of the household – the parents – are not dedicated to this cause and do not devote themselves to it. In this regard, it is leading by practical example that proves to be the most effective.

The parents need to sit with their children, daily, and all should engage in the recitation of the Quraaan Majeed, even if it be for just a few minutes, and even if the children have already recited the Quraaan Majeed in madrasah. Together with this, some zikr should be made, collective du‘aa can be made and ta’leem of Fazaail-e-A’maal should be conducted.

While the above serves to form an organized method of creating the environment of Deen, we need to go a step further and ensure that our behaviour, at all times, is one that sets the standard of Deen. If we have double standards, by practicing Islam in the musjid but abandoning its pristine teachings in the business place or while on holiday, our children will realize it and begin to behave in the same way. Thereafter, when we see them go astray and find that our advice and warnings fall on deaf ears, we will have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Making Imaan

Another aspect that requires urgent attention is that of “making” and building the imaani defenses of our children. We live in an age and era wherein almost every billboard we see, every piece of literature we read and every place we visit will contain some factor or another that attacks the ethos, spirit and beliefs of Islam. In the face of this heavy onslaught on imaan, the only way to effectively ‘inoculate’ our children is to see to it that they receive adequate grounding in Islamic education. The key to this is that together with creating the environment of Deen within the home, we enroll them in a maktab (elementary madrasah) where the effort will be made to firmly embed the roots of Islam within them.

Making Our Relationship with Allah Ta‘ala 

We have built our modes of communication to the point where the mere swipe of a finger – or even simple voice input – is all it takes for one person to connect with the next. However, in the process, we have broken our relationship with Allah Ta‘ala and thus communicate with everyone but Him. Due to not “building” our relationship with our Most Merciful and Compassionate Creator, Sustainer and Benefactor – Allah Ta‘ala – our lives are empty. To make our life, we must make true contact with Allah Ta‘ala by submitting ourselves in total obedience to Him.

Allah Ta‘ala states in the Quraan Majeed: “And whoever does good deeds, whether male or female, and he has imaan, then We will bless him with a good life.” (Surah Nahl, v97)Hence, we understand that it is not making money or taking a break that will give us happiness. In fact, in many instances, the exact opposite is true, as suicide is more prevalent and rife in the circles of the rich and wealthy. The key to “building” a good life, in every sense of the term, is to build our broken relationship with Allah Ta‘ala.

If we build our Deen, Allah Ta‘ala, who has complete control over everything, will build both our dunya and Aakhirah for us.