Monday, 25 December 2017 09:10

The world, despite its vastness, has become a ‘global village’.  200 years ago, It would take a whole day’s journey to travel from one village to another village only 50 km away. Today, the very same distance can comfortably be traversed in as little as 15 min! With the advent of the aircraft, it has become normal for people to jet set to exotic countries in less than 24 hours!

This has brought in its wake the ‘travel’ culture. With the entire country and even foreign countries a mere flight away, many people are no longer content to remain at home – especially in the holiday period. Whether the destination is local such as Durban or Cape Town, or foreign such as New York or London – the planes are packed to capacity as people set out on vacation.

Nobody will Know?

However, once the calendar flips to the vacation period, many people ‘let down their hair’ in the spirit of relaxation and recreation. Furthermore, being in a strange environment where they recognize no one and no one recognizes them, many feel totally free of the slightest inhibition, to do as they please. At home, visiting a casino, clubbing and visiting an escort agency were unimaginable. Now, in a strange land, it’s not just possible, it’s happening. After all, nobody will ever know. Right?

Wrong! Allah Ta‘ala knows every detail of which place we visit and what we do. He knows where our eyes are looking and what our hearts are thinking. He knows whether we are being loyal to Him, our Most compassionate Creator and Sustainer, or whether we are eating His sustenance and yet bowing to Shaitaan and our nafs. He knows… indeed He knows everything… and… (Allah Ta‘ala forever keep us in His Divine protection)… He also has the full power  and might to expose a person on the spot… or later when he least expects it.

Angel of Death

Furthermore, If we have ‘mastered’ travel with technology, then there is one who already surpassed us in travel millennia ago – the Angel of Death. Whether his victim is aboard a fighter jet breaking the sound barrier, or securely safeguarded in a vault at Fort Knox, let alone escaping the Angel of Death, he cannot even delay his final moment by a split-second.

When this is the undisputed reality of death, and none of us knows when the Angel of Death will come calling, then before going to any place or engaging in any activity, we should think to ourselves, “Would I like death to meet me here? Would I like to pass away in a casino? Or in a movie theatre? Or in a brothel? Or in a night club?”

The hadeeth teaches us that we will be resurrected in the manner that we pass away. None of us would like to be resurrected in the filthy act of zina, or standing at a slot machine, or on a beach in the midst of nude people. May Allah Ta‘ala assist us all to spend every moment of our lives in the manner that we would like to pass away.