Q&A: Working with Female Staff


Question: I have been promoted to a senior position and have to personally supervise thirty female workers. More then half are female. As is the trend nowadays, most dress in a very immodest and provocative manner. They also often conduct them selves flirtatiously. I totally fear for myself. What advice do you have for me in this situation.

Answer:  May Allah I protect you and keep you steadfast on Deen. the concern you have expressed is the fuel that keeps one's Imaan alive. The lack of concern for the protection and progress of one's Deen – one's Ibadah, dealings, chastity, etc. – leads to the paralysis of one's Imaan.


You have expressed fear for the protection of your chastity due to your work situation. It is for this very reason that Islaam has so greatly emphasised the complete segregation of males and females. Women have been commanded to remain within the home and attend to their primary function of nurturing their children and infusing Deen in their lives. Rasulullah r apportioned all the work outside the home to Sayyidana Ali t and the work pertaining to things inside the home to Sayyida Fathima (R.A.). However in the pursuit of material pleasures and in the name of "gender equality" women have been dragged into the work place to "Work shoulder-to-shoulder" with men.


Thus the "heart-to-heart" relationship of many husbands and wives was scattered – the end result of working "shoulder-to-shoulder" with other people's spouses. Therefore, the utmost amount caution is imperative in this regard.


As for your present work situation, we have suggestions hereunder. One should nevertheless contact an experienced Aalim and discuss the matter in detail with him for further advise. Some of the steps you should take are the following:


  • ¨ Implement a modest uniform for all staff. While the uniform may be far from the shariah requirement of modesty, it will be much better than the shameless attire that is called "fashion"
  • ¨ Do not adopt a casual attitude with female staff. Without being rude, talk in a matter-of-fact-manner. It is better to be regarded as "unfriendly" rather then being regarded as being very sweet with other women.
  • ¨ Always protect your gaze. Never make eye contact.
  • ¨ Never allow any female staff member to be in seclusion with you in your office. You should set up your office in such a manner that such seclusion can never occur.
  • ¨ At every possible moment keep your tongue and heart engaged in istighfaar.

If after all these measures you still fear that you will not be able to protect yourself, immediately start looking for another job where you will not be in such a situation. As soon as you find the new job, give up the present one.


May Allah I guide us all to his pleasure. Aameen.

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