Q&A: Immodest Garments


Question:  I have read an article in the Al-Haadi concerning the evil of wearing immodest clothing. I have many garments which I agree can be classified as immodest. Comparatively my dressing is considered modest though I am sure if Hazrath Fatima (R.A.) were alive, she would have found them disgusting. What should I do with these clothes? Can I give them away?

Answer: May Allah Ta'ala reward you abundantly for taking this courageous step. Remember, you may face taunts, criticism, sarcastic remarks and may even be given nick names for having taken this decision. In this age of immodesty and shamelessness you may be regarded as "odd" when you dress according to the dictates of hayaa  (Islamic modesty). Someone may even comment that you are dressing as if you are living in the time when "granny's great-grandmother was young!" Do not take any notice of these comments which are actually the whisperings of shaitaan. Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) is reported to have said: "A time will come when the one who is steadfast on deen will be like one holding on to a burning coal." This simply means that one will have to exercise a great deal of patience. However this patience will not go unrewarded. The reward will be equivalent to that of fifty Sahaaba, as reported in the Hadith.

             With regard to the immodest clothing that you have discarded, the advice below is not a universal ruling pertaining to every situation and to every garment. The ruling may differ from garment to garment. Nevertheless, some people of courage are required to take a bold step and reverse the tide of immodest and shameless dressing that is sweeping through even Deeni conscious homes.


Our advice is to take each garment and, as you have stated, sincerely ask yourself if Hazrath Fatima (R.A.) would have declared it modest or immodest? If your heart attests to it being immodest, leave it aside. If you are not sure what Hazrath Fatima's (R.A.) verdict would have been, apply the rule "when in doubt, leave it out." It is almost certain that she would have regarded such "doubtful" garments as immodest. Thereafter, gather all the immodest and shameless clothing — the jeans, tops, western style pants, see-through garments, tight-fitting clothes, etc. — and make a bonfire of them. Insha-Allah, this fire will greatly contribute towards burning the trend of immodesty and shamelessness. This bonfire will Insha Allah be a means of coolness for you in your grave and on the day of Judgement. It is thus clear what you should do with the immodest garments — simply burn them. Do not give them away. By giving them away, you will merely be passing on the immodesty to others — and you will share in their sin.



The basis of throwing the immodest garments into the fire can be deduced from the following incidents. Once Hazrath Hafsa Bin Abdul Rahman (R.A.), the niece of Hazrath Aisah (R.A.), came to visit her. She had a very thin scarf on her head. Hazrath Aisah (R.A.) took the scarf from her, tore it and gave her another scarf of a thicker material to use (Ma'ariful Hadith, Vol. 3, pg. 530). On another occasion, Hazrath Abdullah Bin Amar Bin Aas (R.A.) also destroyed a garment which Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) had disapproved of by burning it.

         May Allah Ta'ala make you an inspiration for others so that they may follow in your footsteps.  Aameen     

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