Faqihul Ummah: Body and Soul


Allah Ta’ala has not created merely a physical body. With the body there is another aspect (the soul) that has been placed therein. The body is like the shirt one wears. A person eventually removes his shirt and discards it (when it is not worthy of being worn anymore). Similarly, the soul will someday discard it’s shirt (the body) and proceed elsewhere.

 True comfort is only in the Hereafter. In reality it is the soul that enjoys the comforts of the Hereafter, or experiences the pain of the punishment. Thus in order to condition this soul, to rectify it and for the sake of it’s comfort in the Hereafter, one will have to make an effort. If a person shows great concern for his shirt, he washes it daily, patches it if it tears, etc., but pays no attention to the multitude of illnesses in his body, he will be regarded as extremely foolish. He is concerned about his shirt whereas the shirt was for the benefit of his body. However his body is infested with sores which have become cancerous, they are filled with pus and the blood therein has a terrible stench. Yet he is not concerned about his body. He is solely concerned about his shirt and does not care about his physical health (how foolish is he!!?).

      This indeed is our condition. Our body is in the category of the shirt. The main thing is the soul. Our souls are rotting. It is ensnared in a host of evil qualities. There is a need to rectify this soul yet we are not concerned about it.” (An-Noor, Ramadhaan 1424)

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