Perpetual Invesrment


Sunday, 04 November 2007 15:49

An investment that only grows — till eternity! Every person who has a rand to spare would want to invest in such an investment. Indeed, anyone who has even half a cent to spare has the opportunity to invest in the Aakhirah (Hereafter). No loss. Only profit and growth. The only condition is sincerity.


         Every cent given in charity is invested in the Aakhirah. Such money is in reality saved. What is not invested in the Aakhirah is either spent or left behind for others.

        While the immense rewards for spending in the path of Allah is attained for even optional charity, the greatest rewards are for fulfilling theFardh (compulsory) duties. Thus the greatest rewards would be for discharging one’s zakaat correctly together with the true spirit of fulfilling this great ibaadah. In this regard the following aspects should be borne in mind:

* Zakaat must be given wholeheartedly. It should not be regarded as a burden.

* If giving zakaat in kind (stock, etc.) at least something of average quality should be given. It is against the spirit of discharging zakaat to give something which cannot sell or is of inferior quality.

* Zakaat must be discharged on the basis of proper calculation. Enquire from the Ulama to ensure you have not underpaid.

* Zakaaat should be given to those who are eligible to receive it, otherwise the obligation will not be fulfilled.

* Zakaat is payable upon the expiry of one lunar year from the time one became the owner of nisaab (the minimum amount of wealth upon which zakaat is compulsory).

By discharging one’s zakaat  with care and with the true spirit of zakaat, one will receive the immense rewards in the Hereafter and one’s wealth will be protected in this world.