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Presently a “reality show” on T.V. has gripped the nation. A group of men and women have been confined to a house where they will live together for many weeks. T.V. viewers get to see the goings-on between them, including any illicit contact. Is it permissible to watch such programmes?
Before commenting on the specific programme that you have mentioned, consider a few aspects about the television itself. 

The television is perhaps the most lethal weapon that has ever been unleashed upon the Ummah. It has wreaked havoc with the Imaan of Muslims. In the guise of entertainment, the rotten culture and morally and spiritually bankrupt lifestyle of the West has been made to seem acceptable. Thus millions of Muslims have gradually succumbed to much of the subtle indoctrination and propaganda and now live their lives in the manner that the West dictates. As a result often one cannot distinguish a Muslim from one who is not. The attack on Imaan has been so severe that several children unhesitatingly blurted in reply to a question from their teacher that their cartoon characters were greater than Allah Ta’ala?? Wal iyazu billah (we seek refuge with Allah from such blasphemy). 

Have you ever considered what the T.V. brings into your home? By means of the T.V., at times you have a brothel in your house, or you are an advertising agent for the beer companies, or you have almost naked men and women dancing for your daughters, sons and even your spouse and a host of other evils take place in your home — though it is all happening on a screen. Hence any sensible person, especially any Muslim who is concerned about his Imaan and the Imaan of his family, will throw this evil box out of his home. He will not dare risk having such filth polluting the hearts and minds of his family and destroying their Imaan.

As for the specific programme you have referred to, if you throw out the T.V. there will be no question of watching it. However, let alone watching it on T.V., you should not even follow what is going on in any way whatsoever. Everything about the show is evil and sinful. Enthusiastically following what a group of depraved people are doing is an indication of the level of moral decline. People who follow such programmes and take enjoyment and pleasure in doing so should take heed of the Hadith wherein Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) declared: “When a sin is committed on the earth, the one who witnessed it but abhorred it is like the one who was never there (i.e. he is totally free of that sin). However, the one who was absent (from the scene of the sin) but was happy about it (i.e. he was pleased or enjoyed its occurrence) is like the person who was at the scene (i.e. he was part of the sinful act” (Abu Dawood).

  The purpose of these programmes is merely to spread immorality and perversion. Those who participate at any level in the spreading of immorality — even by merely being eager followers of the goings-on — could fall under the ambit of the verse wherein Allah Ta’ala declares: “Verily those who love that immorality should spread among the Believers, for them is a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter” (S:V).

May Allah Ta’ala save us all from such immorality, Aameen.
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