Stock Taking


It is once again stock-taking time. The question that flashes in the mind throughout this exercise is: “How much profit did I make?” There could also be the nagging fear: “Will the balance sheet reflect a loss?” With modern day technology the answers come quickly. The news of massive profits is greeted with jubilation. The message of  having just broken even may bring mixed feelings - relief at not having run at a loss and sadness considering that no profit was made. A loss may lead to depression and dejection.

However, no matter what the end result is, the joys and sorrows are all short-lived. People have been afflicted with calamities in the midst of celebrating their success while some have received totally unexpected fortunes while brooding over their financial misery. In any case, death is sure to come and all the worldly joys and sorrows will suddenly come to an end. What happens thereafter depends on the result of the stock-taking in the grave and on the Day of Judgment. When the stock-taking of the grave and the Day of Judgment will take place, by then the business (life) would have already closed down. It is therefore wise to take stock now while the doors are still open. If the results show a loss, steps should be taken to remedy the situation immediately.


There are various aspects to take stock of. For example, one should take stock of one’s daily time. There are 1440 minutes in a day. On average, calculate how many minutes are spent in Salaah, recitation of Quran, zikr, dua, learning and teaching Deen, sincerely serving others and making an effort to uplift Deen. Thereafter, take stock of the amount of time that is spent on the necessities of life in accordance to the Shariah. One’s time spent in one’s business or at one’s job, the time spent eating, sleeping, etc., will also form part of the “profit” provided that the laws of Shariah are not transgressed and the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) was implemented. However, if the business or job became an obstacle from performing Salaah on time, with jama’ah, or haraam merchandise is stocked, interest transactions take place, customers are cheated, employees are not paid their due, the time and work one is employed for is not fulfilled, etc., this would become a “loss” factor.

Then take stock of the time wasted doing things of no benefit, or worse, things which are unlawful in Shariah. One will get an idea in which direction one is heading. Similarly, take stock of the other obligations of Deen such as zakaat, Haj, kindness to parents, implementation of social etiquette, etc. In short, take “stock” now and make amends if necessary before your “stock” is taken.

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