Q&A: Evolution


My son is in a Muslim school in grade seven. Part of the History syllabus deals with the theory of evolution, in such a manner as if the said theory was a fact. The History teacher, a Muslim , taught the aspects of evolution as discussed in the text book. This discussion left some degree of confusion in my son. When I discussed the matter with the teacher, his only comment was that since it is a compulsory part of the syllabus, he has to teach it. What advice can you give in this regard.  
The fallacy of evolution, which propagates the silly baseless belief that human beings evolved from apes, denies the fundamental aqeeda (belief) of Muslims with regard to the creation of man. Allah Ta’ala created the first human being on earth, Hazrath Adam (alaihis salaam), from dust. This is clearly explained in the Quran. All human beings are the progeny of Hazrath Adam (alaihis salaam). Thus to adopt the belief of evolutionists will lead to kufr since their belief rejects several aayaat (verses) of the Quran. Something of such a delicate nature cannot be just taught because “it is part of the syllabus.” The only aspect that may be taught about evolution is what a silly joke it is. It is not even worth writing a refutation of such baseless ideas. Nevertheless, if you wish to know more about the reason for the invention of this fallacy and what a great deception it is, refer to the book “Evolution Deceit” by Harun Yahya. 
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