Discharging Rights without Taqwa


The relationship created by the institution of  Nikah is so unique and delicately sensitive in its nature that its rights cannot be discharged nor its blessings attained, unless the couple have Allah’s fear. We learn from experience that it is not possible for people, husband and wife in particular, to discharge their mutual rights and fulfil their commitments, unless they have in their hearts Allah’s fear — fear of being called to account by Allah for each and every act and movement of theirs in the most august presence of Allah. It is not possible to have mutual rights and liabilities settled among persons, through the legal process, by which one may manage to escape from one’s responsibilities. However this will not be possible before the presence of the All-Knowing, All-Powerful Allah on the Day of Resurrection when all good and bad deeds will be laid open to be evaluated and rewarded or punished, as the case may be. These important injunctions are, therefore, brought to the newly wedded couple that they may each become aware of the great responsibilities and liabilities that have been placed on their shoulders by this new union.
(From the discourses of Hazrath Mufti Taqi Uthmani Saheb)
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