I will lose out if ...


Often many people find themselves wrestling with their conscience. Should they embark on the very lucrative venture which has “just one little impermissible aspect” or should they forego it and lose out on the huge profits? Some people complain: “If I do not give the “see right” I will not get the order.” Hence they wish to know whether they can give the bribe which is termed a see right? Others exclaim: “If I cancel the overdraft, I would have to close down my business”. Many express the fear that “If I close my shop/office/practice, etc. for Zuhr and Asr, I will lose out big time. Can I perform my Salaah later?” Such sentiments and questions are often heard from people in various occupations.





For a Mu’min there is only one choice — the complete obedience of Allah Ta’ala and our most beloved Rasul (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). If a million Rands could be earned in a minute through an impermissible transaction or action, a Mu’min will forsake the million Rands. Indeed it is a great test of one’s Imaan. However, a true mu’min will not only forsake the million Rands that are enticingly glaring at him, he will also be convinced 100% that he has NOT lost out.




Hazrath Abu Qatadah (R.A.) relates that once Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) took the hand of a bedouin and advised him thus: “Whatever you forsake out of the fear of Allah Ta’ala (due to it being impermissible), Allah Ta’ala will grant you something better (in place of what you seem to have lost out)” (Shu’bul Imaan). Therefore a Mu’min will certainly believe that he has not lost a cent. Instead he will be sure that he has gained much more by foregoing the impermissible transaction. Due to adopting taqwa (the fear of Allah Ta’ala) one will clinch deals in places where one least expects to get any business.


Therefore one should strictly refrain from all clearly impermissible transactions as well as all “shady” deals.  Allah Ta’ala alone is the Provider… not our jobs, businesses or professions.

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