Q&A: Television




I was informed that a fatwa has been issued recently which states that it is permissible to have a T.V. I want to purchase a set, but my wife is adamant that she will not allow it into the home. This is causing problems between us. Please advise.



We are not aware of any fatwa which states that it is permissible to have a T.V. in the home. Nevertheless, a detailed discussion on the technical issues of this question are beyond the scope of this leaflet. Suffice to say that we are firmly of the view that to have a T.V. in the home is not permissible. You should therefore not bring a T.V. into your home. You must also be extremely grateful to Allah Ta’ala that your wife is steering you towards the correct path, unlike many cases were the wife insisted that a T.V. be purchased and the meek husband gave in to his wife’s impermissible demand.


However, it is mind-boggling that you are contemplating bringing a television into your home. It is most unlikely that you are unaware of the filth spewed on the box. Despite this, to entertain the thought of bringing such immorality in the home is astounding.




Would you allow anyone to come into your home, drink wine in front of your family and encourage them to do the same? What about seating your wife and daughters in front of a group of men at a swimming pool dressed in their underpants? Or, would you permit naked women dressed in scraps of cloth to lounge around in your home in the presence of your family? Is it fine if a strange couple walk into your living room and become intimate in front of your children? You would perhaps respond to this question with an emphatic “NO” and even exclaim: “Do you think I am crazy???”  Yet by means of the T.V. you allow all this, and many things much worse, to happen repeatedly in your home. According to statistics of 1994, by the age of 17 the average child sees 200 000 to 400 000 sex acts on T.V., 100  000 to 200 000 acts of violence and 17 000 to 33 000 murders.  (Hollywood Reporter - March 1994)


While Muslims should naturally be disgusted with the T.V., even those who are devoid of Imaan but have some sense of morality are aghast over the  depravity of T.V. programmes. Thus many such people have formed pressure groups to protest against the extent of immorality and violence on T.V. If this is the reaction of disbelievers, a Mu’min’s revulsion for these evils should be a million times more.


Therefore, have mercy on yourself and your family. Do not bring an instrument that will destroy their shame, morals, respect and even, Allah forbid, their Imaan.


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