The word “super” conveys the meaning of something that is above others — something that is superior in some form and dominates everything. Thus the word superpower implies some “power” that is above all powers. It tacitly implies a power that is invincible. In reality, and in its absolute sense, there is only ONE superpower: Allah Ta’ala. We are reminded numerous times daily in the Azaan about this reality when we hear the repeated declaration of Allahu Akbar  (Allah is the Greatest)!

As Mu’mineen (Believers) we should firmly embed this fundamental belief in our hearts and constantly refresh and reinforce it. The power of Allah Ta’ala is supreme. The ONLY power is the power of Allah Ta’ala. The entire world and all its forces put together cannot harm even one pore of a person if Allah Ta’ala decides to protect him. Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) made Hazrath Ibn Abbas (R.A.) who was still a young child at that time, ride with him on the same animal. Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) then said to him: “O Lad, I will teach you something — Uphold the commands of Allah Ta’ala and Allah Ta’ala will protect you. Uphold the commands of Allah Ta’ala and you will find the help of Allah Ta’ala with you. And know well that if the nations of the world assemble to benefit you, they cannot benefit you except to the extent that Allah Ta’ala has decreed for you. And if they get together (form a coalition) to harm you, they will not be able to harm you except to the extent that Allah Ta’ala has decreed against you. The pens (which have written down the divine decree of Allah Ta’ala in the heavens) have been lifted and the scrolls have dried” (Mishkaat).

      In the past there were nations who claimed to be superpowers. The Qur’an narrates the arrogant challenge of the people of Aad: “Who is stronger than us?” they exclaimed. Allah Ta’ala replied to this arrogant challenge in the words: “ Do they not see that Allah, who created them, is greater than them in power?” Hence the day came when the forces of Allah were mobilised against them. A severe wind destroyed all of them and left them lying dead like huge palm trees uprooted from the ground.

Firoun had made the most arrogant claim when he said: “I am your lord the most high.” However, all his arrogance and pride and his perception of being a “superpower” was drowned in the river Nile.


In Surah Feel the incident of the destruction of Abraha and his army of elephants is narrated. Abraha thought that he was a superpower and marched along with an army of elephants to destroy the Ka’ba Shareef. Allah Ta’ala sent an air force of small birds who carried small bombs (mud pebbles) in their beaks. These bombs were really smart since not a single bomb strayed from its intended target and not a single target escaped. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allah Ta’ala declares: “And nobody knows (the reality of) the armies of your Lord, except He”. Just as small birds with even smaller pebbles were used to destroy mighty elephants, if Allah Ta’ala wills He will use the seemingly weakest nation to defeat and humiliate the apparently  mighty powers of this world.
The unseen armies of Allah Ta’ala are mobilised in favour of the Believers when the Believers themselves become the true servants of Allah Ta’ala. By means of righteous actions and abstention from sin they will draw down the mercy of Allah Ta’ala. When the help of Allah Ta’ala comes, none can do anything to prevent the dominance of the Believers.Therefore one should be forever conscious of the fact that Allah Ta’ala alone is the only superpower. Only He should be worshipped — and feared.
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