40 Sujood


Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said: “A person is closest to Allah Ta’ala while he is in sajda.” In the state of sajda he has placed his forehead onto the ground and lowered himself to the utmost. Thus when he humbles himself in this manner, he becomes closest to Allah Ta’ala.
In the month of Ramadhaan Allah Ta’ala has showered His special Mercy and given us forty more opportunities to get closer to Him. In the twenty rakaats of taraweeh, a person will perform sajda 40 times. With each sajda he will get closer to Allah Ta’ala. However, to gain this proximity by means of salaah and performing sajda, the salaah and sajda must be performed correctly. Especially in the case of taraweeh, many people desire that the taraweeh should be performed at “top speed.” However, if the salaah is performed in such a haste that:
  • The recitation of the Qur’an Shareef is unclear
  • The ruku and sajda is performed haphazardly
  • The wajib aspect of ie’tidaal (performing every posture properly without haste) is not fulfilled in the qauma (standing posture after ruku) and jalsa (sitting between the two sajdas)
  • The durood at the end of the salaah is omitted
  • The salaah is performed in such a manner as if it is a burden which one merely wants to get over with ...  then such a salaah takes a person further away from Allah Ta’ala. The salaah itself curses the person for having destroyed it.


The month of Ramadhaan is a month to exert oneself in Ibadat of Allah Ta’ala. To be on the lookout for the place where taraweeh finishes ten minutes earlier than other places, just so that one can get “leave” earlier, is against the spirit of Ramadhaan. Undoubtedly it is necessary that the Huffaaz should consider the condition of the people since there are often weak and sick people in the congregation. Thus while performing the salaah properly with all its etiquettes, they should recite the Qur’an Shareef clearly with tajweed at a good pace. However, to “bargain” for five and ten minutes, which time is then often spent chatting outside the Musjid, is completely against the spirit of this Mubarak month.

Therefore, appreciate the 40 sujood (plural of sajda) in Taraweeh and get closer to Allah Ta’ala. Do not destroy this golden opportunity — merely to save ten minutes.  
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