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How Many Litres Do I Use?


Sunday, 06 January 2008 13:13

Wudhu is a great Ibaadah (act of worship). Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said that when a person performs wudhu in the proper manner, all the (minor) sins that were committed are washed off by means of the wudhu. However, certain acts spoil this great Ibaadah and deprive one of the full benefits and virtues of wudhu. Among these acts is the wasting of water.

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Rave Interview


Sunday, 06 January 2008 13:12

Among the recent crazes to ensnare even Muslims is the evil of “Raves.” The following are some excerpts from an interview with a youngster who was deeply involved in the rave scene for more than two years until he finally gained hidayat to forsake this evil. Some aspects are startling and being reproduced here as an eye-opener, especially to parents.

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Taraweeh Imam


Sunday, 06 January 2008 13:10


In Vol.7, Issue 3 of Al-Haadi it was mentioned that it is makrooh tahrimi to appoint a person who shaves his beard as the Imaam for Taraweeh. What if the person has repented?

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Shia Quran


Saturday, 05 January 2008 21:02


I had previously heard about the Shia Qur’an but did not have any details. Recently a friend told me that the Shia do not believe in the present Quran. Is this true?

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True Wealth


Saturday, 05 January 2008 20:59

When a person is focused towards an objective or purpose, he is by nature driven from within himself to make great sacrifices and undertake hardships to achieve that objective. To the extent that he is determined to acquire the said objective, to that extent he will apply and dedicate himself towards the desired goal. The burning mid-summer heat or the freezing winter cold do not deter him. He drags himself through days of illness and dedicatedly sails through storming times to reach the shore of his purpose. This is witnessed daily in all walks of life. For some people the object is the business and the next million. For others it is sport and the dream of a gold medal. Yet for some it is the thrill of catching that really big fish in the early hours of the morning. It could even be  the dream of becoming the doyen in one’s profession, or dozens of other similar things. In order to achieve these objectives, people sometimes sacrifice even that which is most cherished in the life of ordinary human beings — one’s children.

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Faqihul Ummah: Desire to Humiliate the Enemy


Saturday, 05 January 2008 20:57


Bismihi Ta`ala

Respected Mufti Saheb

As Salam alaykum

[The writer explained that his enemies have put him into great problems and difficulties, to the extent that they even resorted to having sihr (black magic) done upon him. He then requested some wazifa of such a nature that as soon as he begins to read it, he would see his enemies being disgraced and humiliated. He also requested permission to recite the “Manzil” published by Sheikhul Hadith Moulana Zakaria (R.A.) to counter the effects of the sihr upon him.


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Friday, 26 October 2007 00:32

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