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I had previously heard about the Shia Qur’an but did not have any details. Recently a friend told me that the Shia do not believe in the present Quran. Is this true?

The crux of the SHIA BELIEF of the Qur’an is the following:

       Besides Hazrath Ali (R.A.), nobody memorized the ENTIRE Quran that was revealed to Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). In this “Qur’an” Hazrath Ali (R.A.) and the rest of the eleven Ma’soom Imaams were mentioned by name and declared as rightly entitled to being the leaders. The “Original Quran” that was revealed to Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) was much bigger than the present Quran. It contained 70 000 verses. When the Quran was compiled in the time of Hazrath Abu Bakr (R.A.), the Sahaaba (R.A.) changed many things and removed many words. The entire verse regarding the leadership of Hazrath Ali (R.A.) was removed. Some verses were fabricated. The sequence was also changed.

      This is the crux of the Shia belief. May Allah Ta’ala save us from such baatil, Aameen.

These beliefs were recorded by Shia authors who are highly acclaimed and respected among Shia scholars. The following are some of the authentic Shia books wherein the above is ecorded:

1. Usoolul Kaafi - Lucknow print, pg.262, 268 and 271
2. Al-Ihtijaajut Tabrasi, published by Mu’assasat al-A’lami lil matbu’at, Beirut, 1989, pp.153; 155; 249; 252
3. Tafseer Safi - v.1, p.32; published by Kitabfaroshe Islamiyeh, Iran, 1375/1956
4. Tafseer Qummi, v1,p10; published by Kitabfaroshe Allameh, Qum, Iran, 2nd edition 1968  
5. Faslul Khitaab pg.97, Tehran
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